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28 Maggio 2019



In an area of the Perico Industrial Park, in the northern province of Jujuy, the most important factory in South America is built with an investment of around 60 million USD. This plant will give added value to the lithium that is extracted and will add a free zone within the industrial park.Quality and maximum purity batteries will be manufactured and the objective is to sell them throughout Europe, at a time when the European Union invests 6.000 million USD for the development of the change of the transport energy matrix. This development in Jujuy will happen thanks to a partnership between the Seri Group of Italy, which holds 40% of the shares, and Jemse, the state-owned company of Jujuy, which has 60%. The project stages include the assembly of a pilot plant for the assembly of lithium batteries, the manufacture of battery cells and the production of active material, based on the material extracted from the salt flats of Jujuy, under sustainable standards, so that the viability is in sight.This will be one of the most important Italian investments in Argentina, which will generate some 350 new jobs. The project aims for 5% of Jujuy's annual lithium production to be used for the manufacture of "Made in Argentina" batteries. (ICE BUENOS AIRES)

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