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18 Luglio 2019



Praising Lebanon's beauty and attractions, CNN is predicting a bright future for Lebanon, despite all odds.   According to CNN, tourism in Lebanon is predicted to hit a new record in 2019, after drawing in just under two million visitors last year and that despite some unfavorable factors impeding Lebanon from reaching its full touristic potential. In that regard, CNN emphasized on Lebanon's natural beauty that has proven strong for millennia, and went on describing its uniqueness, and hinting at what makes it worth a visit.   Lebanon's tourism has long been affected primarily by stereotypes and ignorance, and then by internal troubles and conflicts, destabilizing the economy and leading to damaging regional political spats. This obviously resulted in a decline in visitor numbers.   The Cedars of God forest, the temple of Bacchus in Baalbeck, Tripoli's old architecture, to name a few and not excluding the several UNESCO Heritage sites, have always been representative landmarks of Lebanon, through their historical, religious and social significances.    Also in the words of CNN, Lebanon remains uniquely itself, and today, the city capital, Beirut,attracts  more tourists than ever before.   It is a fact that Lebanon Summer festivals don't just cater to locals and Lebanese diaspora, but to people from all over the world. Adding to that, Lebanon's ski resorts, beach clubs, mountain's hiking, and river's rafting are also among the attractions drawing in tourists from abroad.      Last but not least, Beirut Airport's traffic has been improving yearly in the last decade. And even the Irish airlines Ryanair has decided to take a base in Lebanon's airport to tap into that growing travel market, and at very low fees.     (ICE BEIRUT)

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