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19 Luglio 2019



Innovations in Uganda’s tech industry have been highlighted in GSMA’s recent report on the sub-Saharan mobile phone industry, an indication of Kampala’s emerging status as a tech hub on the continent.The report titled: “The Mobile Economy Sub-Saharan Africa” pointed out that 3G adoption has doubled over the last two years, and will eclipse 2G networks this year as a result of network coverage expansion and cheaper devices in Africa.The report applauded MTN Uganda for launching its mobile money API (Application Programming Interface), enabling developer access to MTN’s mobile money’s proprietary software platform.Also highlighted in the report is a Ugandan app called “Awamo”. Awamo uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reduce fraud when signing up customers and businesses to its platform, which operates as a digital banking platform and credit bureau.Its platform helps digitise business procedures, credit information sharing, and many other services using mobile devices.The report also applauded “SafeBoda”, one of several ride-hailing apps for motor cycle transportation – one of the most popular forms of urban transit – in the region. The Kampala-headquartered SafeBoda has expanded into Kenya.Third-generation wireless mobile telecommunications technology is set to become the predominant means of communication in Africa driven by a wave of value-added services according to a report by GSMA Intelligence. The 3G networks are much faster than 2G networks that were launched in 1991. In addition, location information is available to 3G devices which give rise to applications not previously available to mobile phone users. (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

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