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19 Luglio 2019



Mozambique will increase cooking gas imports by 1,100 tons in the second half of this year, the Mozambican state fuel importer Imopetro announced today. A statement from the entity charged by the Mozambican government with importing fuels says that the country will import 26,350 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG – cooking gas) over the next six months, against the 25,250 tonnes imported in the first half of the year. Imopetro does not state the reasons behind the increase, but the National Directorate for Hydrocarbons and Fuels recently said that the increase in cooking gas demand and the consequent shortage may be related to the scarcity of firewood often used for cooking in Mozambique. Imopetro has launched a tender to select the entity that will ensure the purchase of the product in the international market and will evaluate the proposals by Wednesday, July 24. Applicants for the cooking gas import business are required to submit a bank guarantee to the values of US$100,000 (EUR 88,900). (ICE MAPUTO)

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