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19 Luglio 2019



Public Health Ministry officials welcomed the new minister on Thursday, saying they will support his policy to promote medical marijuana and work towards getting the formula prescribed at public hospitals from early August. Public Health Minister, Mr. Anutin explained that he will implement public health projects under Royal patronage, urgently address issues related to the universal healthcare scheme and the recruiting of newly graduated doctors to boost the quality of tambon-level hospitals (small local hospitals). The policy can be summed up in the motto “reducing expenses, increasing incomes and promoting strength”. As for marijuana, he said it should be made accessible for everybody soon, and “if it is well implemented, it can become a cash crop for farmers”. Meanwhile, Deputy Minister Sathit said he aimed to propel forward three measures, namely promoting exercise as a way of maintaining health and reducing medical expenses, which he and Anutin will lead by example; developing the healthcare system in order to avoid long queues at hospitals; and using technology to link patient information with all medical service units.   (ICE BANGKOK)

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