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18 Ottobre 2019



The bridge will be constructed across the Abay River at a cost US $49m. It willhave a 21.5m width and the capacity to accommodate a three-lane carriageway, abicycle path and a walkway. The government of Ethiopia will be covering theentire cost of the project.Construction works on the project is estimated to take three years upon whichwill replace the 60-year-old existing bridge, ‘Bahir Dar Abay ‘that has deterioratedand aged. The Ethiopian Roads Authority, had two years ago hired CCCC tomaintain the old bridge.The Bahir Dar Abay bridge will be the longest bridge in Ethiopia once completed,taking over that claim from the 319m Bashilo River Bridge that opened for trafficin October 2006. The 305m bridge over the Baro River in Gambella Regional Stateand the 303m Abay Bridge were the second and the third longest bridges in thecountry.Being one of the nation’s largest capital expenditures, road maintenance andconstruction cost the country US $1.1bn in the last fiscal year. The spending hasshown a 2.4% decline from the preceding year, which stood at.CCCC, a company that is behind many major mega projects in the country,including the construction of Kombolcha Industrial Park, the nation’s first, Addis-Adama Expressway, Africa Avenue (Bole Road), Measo-to-Djibouti railway and theexpansion of the Addis Abeba Bole International Airport, secured the project aftervying against three other Chinese firms. The company currently has four ongoingroad projects with ERA including Hawassa Airport-Bishan Guracha (Tikur Weha);Jijiga-Gelesh; Cherereti-Hagermekor; and Arsi Negele-Hawassa. (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

Fonte notizia: The Daily Monitor