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12 Febbraio 2020

Stati Uniti


In the US demand for gold jewelry grew by 2% to 131.1 tons in the last year. Albeit lightly, according to the World Gold Council’s most recent Gold Demand Trend report, demand was up for the third consecutive year in 2019. In particular, the fourth quarter, up 2 % to 49.2 tons, marked the twelfth consecutive quarter to see year-over-year growth. Said performance is attributed to improved consumer confidence amid a “relatively robust” economic environment. On the contrary, these positive results weren’t the case for global gold jewelry demand. The second half was largely affected by the jump in the gold price in the third quarter, impacting affordability. While the fourth quarter sank to its lowest level since 2011, plummeting 10 % to 584.5 tons. The WGC also noted a drop in global volumes last year, largely due to the decreasing demand in India and China. In India, a 17 % drop in the fourth quarter led to a 24 % decline for the second half of the year. However, while global demand by volume was down for the full year, demand by value was up. Consumers spent even more on gold in 2019, with gold jewelry demand increasing 3 % to a five-year high of $94.3 billion. Much of this came from a 9 % year-over-year increase in demand during Q4, which reached a seven-year high of $27.8 billion. (ICE HOUSTON)

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