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10 Marzo 2020



CCA group managing director Alison Watkins expects the turnaround in volumes and sales in Australia, which was fuelled by double-digit sales growth in Coca-Cola No Sugar and strong demand for energy and dairy drinks, to continue in 2020 and generate low-single-digit profit growth.Combined with double-digit growth in earnings from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and from alcohol and coffee, this should enable the bottler to deliver its mid-single-digit earnings per share growth target.The Company has invested a significant amount through the accelerated Australian growth plan over the last couple of years, in initiatives like feet on the street, where they almost doubled the size of the sales force to service smaller customers.They also invested in automation and simplified the organisational structure, which enables the Company to take some costs out as well with the benefits of those flow through into 2020. CCA shares rose 8.5 per cent to $13.07, taking gains over the past 12 months to 54 per cent.After a weak June half, Australian sales rose 5.1 per cent in the December half, and volumes rose almost 3 per cent, helped by demand for Brand Coke, above-average temperatures in NSW and Queensland, and new products such as Coca-Cola Energy, Coca-Cola No Sugar, Nutriboost and Powerade Active.December-half volumes also received a boost from the Share a Coke advertising campaign in conjunction with The Coca-Cola Co and the distribution of new brands such as MOJO kombucha, MADE Group's Cocobella coconut water, Rokeby Farms' high-protein smoothies and Impressed cold-pressed juices. (ICE SYDNEY)

Fonte notizia: AFR 20/02/2020