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10 Marzo 2020



Woolworths and US-based waste management company TerraCycle are recruiting suppliers and customers for a zero-waste reusable packaging initiative due to kick off in Australia in June 2021. Known as Loop, consumers will be able to buy their favourite brands in reusable containers, which can be returned to TerraCycle for cleaning and sent back to the suppliers for refilling. The program, is about to go live in the US with Kroger and in France with Carrefour, and will be live in seven countries by the end of this year.Woolworths, which is TerraCycle's exclusive partner in Australia for the first year of operation, is asking customers interested in participating in the Loop trial to sign up online. TerraCycle wants at least 200 packaged food, household goods and personal care brands participating in Loop when the program launches.Currently, about 100 major consumer packaged goods brands such as P&G, Unilever, Mars, Pepsico, Nestle and The Coca-Cola Co are involved in Loop overseas and TerraCycle hopes their Australian arms will be keen to get involved.but they are also speaking to smaller Australian suppliers, including those that make private-label goods for the big supermarket chains.Loop's launch will require a considerable upfront investment on the part of TerraCycle, suppliers and retailers.TerraCycle will open a sorting and cleaning facility in Australia by the end of this year and suppliers need to create reusable packaging that accords with Terracycle's strict rules (containers must be reusable at least 10 times and be fully recyclable into their previous forms) and establish separate filling lines.Woolworths will initially launch Loop online, supplying goods in specially designed shipping totes, but it is likely to eventually devote space in stores to Loop products. It will also have to set up systems to process deposits and dedicate space in distribution centres. According to TerraCycle founder, after a period of losing money for the first two to four years and then the program it's modelled to become profitable.TerraCycle and Woolworths will also need to overcome another potential hurdle – the relatively high upfront cost of buying Loop products. While the price of contents will be the same as that in standard packaging, customers will pay deposits ranging from between 10¢ to $10 per container to cover the cost of returning used containers, cleaning, sorting and redistribution.After the first year of exclusivity with Woolworths, TerraCycle hopes other food and specialty retailers and fast-food chains will join Loop so it gains scale and lowers costs. (ICE SYDNEY)

Fonte notizia: AFR 04/04/2020