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22 Maggio 2020

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May 22nd 2020. EShopWorld saw 77 percent growth in order volumein April year-over-year, with apparel, footwear andsporting equipment among key categories for growth.Amid the coronavirus pandemic, data shows consumers are shopping online for itemswell beyond necessities.In fact, eShopWorld found apparel, footwear and sporting equipment to be keycategories for year-over-year growth in April. Apparel grew 98.4 percent in ordervolume, followed by sporting equipment with 96.2 percent growth in order volume, andfootwear which saw 60.2 percent growth in order volume. The categories continued tosee growth in the first half of May at 118 percent growth, 58.5 percent growth and 106.6percent growth year-over-year, respectively.Notably, these eight weeks have seen as much growth in U.S. e-commerce as the last10 years combined.According to Thomas Kelly, chief executive officer at eShopWorld, “from 2009 to 2019,the online U.S. only grew from 5 percent to 15 percent, though in eight weeks, it grew to30 percent.”Incidentally, many brands have experienced exponential sales during this time. Andaccording to Kelly, it was the brands that reacted quickly, to properly addressinternational markets during the pandemic that saw the most growth.Put simply, those companies who were able to offer easy availability through e-commerce were able to effectively and efficiently acquire a larger share of the marketwith new audiences. In fact, eShopWorld’s brands have found up to 400 percent ingrowth for brands when they enter international markets. Full article: (ICE NEW YORK)

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