News dalla rete ITA

16 Giugno 2020



IOM continues to provide support for migrants in the quarantine site in Ali Sabieh run by ONARS(National Office for Assistance to Refugees and Disaster Victims), in collaboration with the Ministry ofHealth, UNICEF and WFP.Upon the request from the Embassy of Ethiopia, IOM is currently registering stranded migrants in thecountry.As migrants continue to arrive from the Arabian Peninsula and to be stranded in Djibouti, IOM continuesto provide humanitarian assistance such as provision of food, non-food items (NFI) and medicalassistance.IOM continues to raise awareness of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in its six flow monitoring points(FMPs) in Ali Sabieh, Arta, Dikhil, Obock, and Tadjourah regions.As of 14 June, the Ministry of Health confirmed 4,465 COVID19 cases, 2,950 recovered and 43 deaths.From 7 to 13 June, Djibouti recorded the lowest rate of positive cases compared to the number ofpeople tested. The Government of Djibouti continues to target those who have potentially been incontact with persons who tested positive for COVID-19. The Ministry of Health is strengthening thecapacity of the medical facilities in the regions to better prepare and respond to the COVID-19. (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

Fonte notizia: African Press Organization