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4 Agosto 2020

India - Maldive


India is set to announce a 'substantial financial assistance package' for the Maldives that will help it recover from the Covid economic crisis. According to the press, the package is in works based on the requirements of the Maldives whose economy has taken a hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Last week, Indian high commissioner to Maldives Mr. Sunjay Sudhir handed over a symbolic cheque to mark implementation of nine projects in the Maldives under the High Impact Community Development Projects (HICDP) scheme. HICDPs constitute an important dimension of the dynamic development partnership between India and the Maldives, according to officials. These projects are driven by the needs of communities on the islands. They will be implemented by city and local councils and thus will enhance the capacities of locally-elected representatives and support the decentralisation efforts of the Maldives. The projects, chosen by the government of Maldives through the ministry of foreign affairs, have a high-level of community impact and participation in the areas of livelihood and income generation, health, education, gender and child empowerment, sports, sustainable development, officials said. India has put in place a comprehensive strategy of development cooperation with the Maldives. As decided during the visit of President Ibu Solih to India in December 2018, the strategy includes both big projects under the $800 million LoC (Line of credit) and a large number of relatively small grant projects. Indian development assistance in the Maldives covers a wide swathe of sectors including fisheries, ecotourism and sustainable development, sports infrastructure, coastal protection and includes projects such as procurement of vehicles and machinery for city councils, infrastructure upgrade of critical institutions, construction of school classrooms, development of community centres and parks including children's parks, officials said, adding, the larger LoC projects have, as their focus, development of infrastructure related to water and sanitation, roads and reclamation, port, cancer hospital, cricket stadium and airport development. (ICE NEW DELHI)

Fonte notizia: The Economic Times