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15 Settembre 2020



Taipei, Sept. 11 (CNA) The head of the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) has the objective of having all of Taiwan's banks bilingual by 2030 as part of Taiwan's efforts to become a regional financial hub in Asia, and is now confident of seeing the goal being achieved sooner than planned.FSC Chairman Huang Tien-mu (黃天牧) expressed confidence on Friday following an inspection of two domestic banks -- the Shifu Branch of CTBC Bank and the Yanji Branch of First Commercial Bank -- both situated in downtown Taipei.CTBC Bank and First Commercial Bank are two out of 17 domestic banks that have upgraded at least one of their branches to bilingual, offering services in at least Mandarin and English.While six other banks are establishing their own bilingual service environments, he is confident that all 36 domestic banks around Taiwan will be bilingual before the target year of 2030, Huang said.In support of the government's "Bilingual Nation 2030" policy, the FSC encourages banks to set up bilingual branches, enhance the English proficiency of their members of staff and create a friendly bilingual financial services environment, the agency said in a statement released on Friday.According to First Commercial Bank, it transformed six of its 188 branches into bilingual branches in 2019 and will see six others become bilingual this year.It aims to offer bilingual services at all its branches around Taiwan by 2028, two years before the deadline set by the government, said Grace Jeng (鄭美玲), president of the bank. (ICE TAIPEI)

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