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24 Settembre 2020

Stati Uniti


The hot new fashion collab unites brands and charities Fashion has a new influencer: Gandhi. As the Indian civil rights leader once said: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others,” and this spirit resonates deeply with the four fashion industry professionals with whom I shared a panel during Fashinnovation’s 3rd Worldwide Talks. As our industry attempts to find itself, climbing out of the rubble of COVID, they see a path to success through collaboration. While we’ve come to associate the word “collab” with trendy commercial partnerships like last week’s Prada Adidas sneaker drop, this is a different union. Collaboration in this case is not about selling overhyped product, it’s about giving back. For Jeannie Barsam, founder and CEO of Gifting Brands, this involves what she calls “Inventory Philanthropy.” Gifting Brands aims to provide brands with an alternative to selling off unsold inventory to off-price retailers or destroying it, as has been an unfortunate practice in the past, or even worse, letting it go to landflll. Instead brands can donate the goods to Gifting Brands, where they will get a tax credit and their own brand home page, and walk away knowing that 100 percent of the proceeds go to charity. Barsam describes her 501c3 non-profit as “the first ever e-commerce website that partners with fashion and luxury brands to donate excess inventory.” One of the charities Gifting Brands partners with is The Family Place which provides shelter for women at risk just as the pandemic created a spike in cases of women trapped at home or subject to domestic violence. Kimberly Carney, founder and CEO of Fashwire, a B2B data hub which provides brands with consumer insight and a B2C shopping platform featuring 300 designers from 30 countries, says philanthropy has been what helped her navigate the pandemic, or what she calls “the Next Normal.” Through Fashwire’s philanthropic arm, Fashgive, in partnership with Retailers United, this meeting of executive minds from tech and retail raised funds for COVID relief efforts and to help America reopen, and provides grants for designers struggling during this time. (ICE NEW YORK)

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