News dalla rete ITA

19 Ottobre 2020



Minister for Defence Linda Reynolds has announced an update to the government’s National Security Science and Technology Priorities. The update identified six priority areas, which include: Cyber security: The ability to strengthen the cyber security and resilience of critical infrastructure and systems of national significance through the conduct of research and development, and the delivery of advanced cyber technologies, tools, techniques and education; Intelligence: The ability to collect, analyse, integrate, assess and disseminate intelligence with the accuracy, scale and speed required to support timely national security and intelligence decision making; Border security and identity management: Protecting and securing Australia’s borders from disease outbreaks, hazardous material and threats to our community, including maximum disruption effect on illegal activity and migration with projected growth in people and cargo movement across Australian borders; Investigative support and forensic science: Law enforcement’s ability to prevent, disrupt and prosecute terrorist and criminal activities in a complex transnational and evolving digital environment; Preparedness, protection, prevention and incident response: The ability to appropriately equip and prepare Australian agencies to effectively address national security threats and natural or man-made destructive events, including mass-harm and mass-damage incidents, either by preventing their occurrence, or responding and recovering effectively if they have occurred; and Technology foresight: Monitoring, analysing, and evaluating the implications of scientific and technological developments to prevent strategic and tactical surprise.  (ICE SYDNEY)

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