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18 Novembre 2020



The Australian Space Agency has officially launched the second stage of grants for the $150 million Moon to Mars Demonstrator Feasibility Grants to support industry and research institutions with grant funds for new feasibility activities for space projects. The Commonwealth government is backing Australian businesses to develop and launch new products into space, as part of a plan to get more local companies to be part of NASA’s Moon to Mars program. The $150 million Moon to Mars initiative is part of close to $700 million being invested by the Australian government into the Australian civil space sector as part of its goal to triple the sector’s size to $12 billion and create up to an extra 20,000 jobs by 2030. The M2M initiative provides the opportunity for Australian businesses and researchers to join NASA’s plan to travel to the moon and on to Mars. The Moon to Mars initiative consists of three integrated elements over a five-year period: Supply Chain program: Targets projects and activities to build capability and support local industry to deliver products and services to national and global space supply chains. Supply Chain Capability Improvement grants are open now; Demonstrator program: Provides a pathway for Australian industry and researchers to develop and launch products into space that will create new capability, and enable new business ventures, revenue streams or markets. Demonstrator Feasibility grants are now open; and Trailblazer program: The Agency’s inspire piece which will involve a major Australian project supporting NASA’s Moon to Mars activities. Expected to commence in 2022. The $3.7 million Demonstrator Feasibility program offers grants of between $50,000 and $200,000 over a two-year period. The aim of the grants is to provide opportunities for Australian businesses and researchers to scope out the feasibility of projects that have the potential to operate or support operations in space. This includes activities that could support NASA’s Moon to Mars space exploration program. Minister Andrews added, "Space isn’t just about launch. Space technology can improve our lives, from assisting in the delivery of remote rural medicine, helping us stay connected with loved ones across the world and assisting farmers to manage their land through advancements in robotics.  (ICE SYDNEY)

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