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23 Novembre 2020



Turkey's health expenditure posted a year-on-year rise of 21,7% to reach 201,3 billion Turkish liras ($35,44 billion) in 2019, the country's statistical office announced on Nov. 19. "The proportion of current health expenditure to total health expenditure was 93,8% for 2018 and 93,4% for 2019," the TÜİK said.Health expenditure per capita reached 2.434 Turkish liras ($428,5) with an increase of 19,9% in 2019, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. The proportion of total health expenditure of the country’s GDP was 4,7% last year and it was 4,4% in 2018."Out of pocket health expenditures made by households for treatment, pharmaceuticals etc. reached over 33,6 billion Turkish liras ($5,9 billion) with an increase of 17,4% in 2019 compared to the previous year", it said."The ratio of household out of pocket health expenditure to total health expenditure was 16,7% in 2019," TÜİK added.The proportion of general government health expenditure to total health expenditure was 78% last year, up from 77,5% in 2018.It also reported that 48,2% of health expenditure was spent for hospitals. This is followed by retail sale and other providers of medical goods with 25,8%, and providers of ambulatory healthcare with 11,9%. (ICE ISTANBUL)

Fonte notizia: Hürriyet Daily News