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24 Novembre 2020



Australia is set to enhance its sub-surface tracking capability with a new WA-built Maritime Underwater Tracking Range, Defence Minister Linda Reynolds has announced. Defence has announced it will invest $300 million in the development of a new Maritime Underwater Tracking Range to be built in Western Australia, as part of the federal government’s $270 billion commitment to enhance defence capability over the next decade. The new system, which will replace the original range that ceased operating in 2012, is expected to provide the Royal Australian Navy with enhanced sub-surface tracking capability in preparation for a future response, by leveraging a series of sensors to capture and relay information on the location and movement of assets operating within the tracking field.Defence stated that the new commitment would also provide Australian industry, academia, research and innovation sectors, with longer term opportunities to develop sovereign advanced signal processing, anti-submarine and unmanned system capabilities. A tender process will be undertaken by Defence to identify industry partners to deliver the new Maritime Underwater Tracking Range in Western Australia, with information to be released through AusTender.  (ICE SYDNEY)

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