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12 Febbraio 2021



The construction of new hydrogen production and export facilities on the southern coast of Victoria will be progressed as part of a new joint venture, targeting both local and international hydrogen markets. Consortium Pure Hydrogen has secured an agreement with Port Anthony Renewables Limited to develop a large-scale hydrogen facility in Port Anthony, with the aim to produce 20 tonnes per day of usable hydrogen. Port Anthony, situated on Victoria’s south-east tip, has been used as a hub for the exploration and production of Victorian oil and gas fields. The new joint venture considers the port an ideal location to undertake the development of hydrogen production facilities that are well linked to shipping facilities. In January, the ASX-listed Real Energy announced its intention to form the Pure Hydrogen company, which is itself a joint venture with Liberty Hydrogen, to develop a series of four hydrogen production facilities across Australia’s east coast. Real Energy has previously developed a number of coal-seam gas projects in Queensland, as well as undertaking oil exploration activities. The company’s push into the hydrogen industry will likely serve as an additional opportunity to generate value from its fossil fuel resources. The company has previously indicated that the Victorian project, which was originally being developed by Liberty Hydrogen, is expected to involve the use of an electrolyser to produce hydrogen, powered by electricity sourced through either “blue” or “green” power purchase agreements. The projects, planned for Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, will use a mix of renewable and fossil fuel energy sources to produce the hydrogen. This followed the company announcing that it had struck a memorandum of understanding with US-based hydrogen vehicle manufacturer Hyzon to cooperate in the development and deployment of an Australian hydrogen refuelling network. The parent company is set to adopt the name Pure Hydrogen following the completion of an approved merger with Strata-X Energy.  (ICE SYDNEY)

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