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23 Febbraio 2021

Stati Uniti


Functional Fashion C.P. Company blends function and innovation for its “connoisseurial” luxury sportswear and celebrates a milestone. Sportswear’s origin story began with a modern approach to fashion centered on casual functionality – and menswear brands such as Italian born C.P. Company pressed forward to deliver the desired balance of craftsmanship, textile technology, and style for the sector, which resulted in longevity and a nostalgic, connoisseurial appreciation for its product. This year, C.P. Company celebrates its 50th Anniversary, which the brand says is due in part to its success in “five decades of innovation.” And since its beginnings in 1971, the brand has continuously stepped up its game by doing just that: creating “firsts” in the Italian sportswear category. For C.P. Company, that means expertise in technical fabric research and dyeing techniques, which the brand forged forward in Italian sportswear. Lorenzo Osti, president at C.P. Company, told WWD, “While the technique of artisanal garment-dyeing has long existed, [founder] Massimo Osti and his collaborators were the first to dye garments made from multiple fabrics or fiber types, and to transform this into an industrial process.” Fifty years later, and C.P. Company is still leading and innovating in the space, as the brand releases new custom materials every season. But its “50 Fili” material remains a fan favorite, as it has the soft hand of cotton but doubles down with impressive technical function and nylon-strength resistance. (ICE NEW YORK)

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