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23 Febbraio 2021

Stati Uniti


New York sues Amazon for putting 'profit over people' during pandemic Dive Brief: • New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed a lawsuit against Amazon that argues the e-commerce giant failed to adequately protect employees from COVID-19 at a Staten Island fulfillment center and a Queens distribution center, and retaliated against two employees who spoke out for better health protections. • In the complaint, James alleges that Amazon failed to provide adequate contact tracing, as well as cleaning and sanitation protocols, forced employees to work in an environment without social distancing, and often did not close portions of facilities after learning of employees with positive COVID-19 cases were in the area. • Last week, Amazon preemptively sued the attorney general for making "exorbitant demands [that] are based on a standard for workplace health and safety far more stringent than the standard adopted" elsewhere by James' office. In its suit, Amazon said it has "taken extraordinary, industry-leading measures grounded in science, above and beyond government guidance and requirements" to protect its workers from COVID-19. Dive Insight: Among the most active operators in the retail world during COVID-19's initial surge last spring, Amazon's employees were on the front lines of the pandemic early on, along with grocery stores and other retailers deemed essential. By the company's count, 19,816 employees had tested or been presumed positive for COVID-19 by October, which Amazon said is 42% lower than what it would have expected based on positivity rates within the general population. At the Staten Island plant, 250 workers tested positive or had a diagnosis for the disease, according to the lawsuit. The attorney general alleged that Amazon never shut the plant down and only performed "partial and inadequate closings" on seven occasions, despite 90 of the workers having been in an Amazon facility within seven days of their test or diagnosis, and 30 within 24 hours. (ICE NEW YORK)

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