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7 Aprile 2021

Georgia - Messico - Cipro - Giordania


The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Nayef Fayez met the Mexican Ambassador Roberto Hernandez, the Georgian Ambassador Zaza Kandelaki, and the Cypriot Ambassador Michalis Ioannou. In a press statement, the ministry said the three separate meetings tackled means to develop relations between these countries and Jordan in the tourism sector, and enhance the tourism movement and attract more tourists to the Kingdom. The ministry statement indicated that a mechanism for joint tourism marketing between Jordan and Mexico, Georgia and Cyprus was also discussed, in addition to attracting tourist groups to visit religious tourist sites after easing restrictions on tourism and overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. For their part, the ambassadors said that Jordan is characterized by safe tourism and a unique and diverse tourism product, encouraging their countries' citizens to visit Jordan, including tourist and archaeological sites, especially Christian religious tourism sites. (ICE AMMAN)

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