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13 Aprile 2021

Repubblica Ceca


The state currently has about 230 large transportconstruction projects worth Kc538.5bn in total underway, with one third alreadybeing built and others to be started within the next three years, according to areport on construction projects worth over Kc300m to be presented to thegovernment today.The railway projects that have been started or are being prepared areexpected to cost Kc273bn.Rail track management company Sprava zeleznic has already launchedabout 40 of the projects, with the largest including the modernisation of theSudomerice-Votice track for Kc6.7bn and the upgrade of the Pardubice railwayjunction for Kc6.3bn.Another up to 80 projects are being prepared. The most expensive of theseis the modernisation of the track between Nemanice and Sevetin for Kc15.6bn.Other large projects include the upgrade of the existing track and theconstruction of a new one between Plzen and the German border.Over Kc257.7bn has been earmarked for motorway and road constructionand reconstruction projects.The Road and Motorway Directorate (RSD) has started about 30 of theprojects. The largest ones are on the D3 motorway and will cost almost Kc16bn intotal. The list also include the reconstruction of a D1 motorway section that is tobe finished in the autumn.The largest projects under preparation include the construction of the D11motorway between Trutnov and the Polish border that is estimated to cost up toKc15.8bn.The list also includes six water transport projects. The largest project is theplanned lock near the town of Prelouc worth over Kc3bn.This year's budget of the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFDI), fromwhich transport construction projects are financed, should amount to Kc127.5bn,with most funds to go to road projects. The fund's budget should be raised bytens of billions in the next two years. (ICE VIENNA)

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