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14 Aprile 2021

Repubblica Ceca


Czech yr/yr price growth stopped decelerating afterseven months, as annual inflation in March rose to 2.3 percent from February's2.1 percent, according to the report of the Czech Statistical Office (CSU).Until March, annual inflation was slowing down steadily since last July's 3.4percent.Analysts expected annual inflation for March to reach up to 2.4 percent.In month-on-month terms, Czech consumer prices grew by 0.2 percent inMarch.According to statisticians, the biggest contribution to the yr/yr price growthin March came from higher fuel prices.While February saw fuel prices fall by about one tenth, March saw them riseby 1.1 percent. Car prices grew by 9.3 percent.An annual price decrease was registered in food. Prices of vegetables fell by6.2 percent yr/yr and those of potatoes by 29 percent. Pork prices declined by11.3 percent.On the other hand, tobacco prices rose by 17.5 percent yr/yr.Prices of actual rentals for housing increased annually by 1.3 percent, watersupply by 1.9 percent and sewage collection by 2.3 percent. By contrast,electricity and natural gas prices went down by 3.4 and 4.7 percent, respectively.Prices of goods in total increased by 2.1 percent and prices of services by2.6 percent. Prices of financial services grew by 8.5 percent.In month-on-month comparison, prices of goods rose by 0.4 percent, whileprices of services fell by 0.3 percent. Fuel prices grew by 5.9 percent. In food,egg prices rose by 5.1 percent, while potato prices decreased by more than 10percent.The CSU also released export/import price statistics for February. Exportprices grew annually by 4.5 percent and import prices added 2.1 percent. (ICE VIENNA)

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