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20 Aprile 2021



Mobiuz, a mobile operator in Uzbekistan, is the first mobile operator to launch eSIM technology. The eSIM service allows to use up to five numbers in one smartphone without a regular SIM card and has a number of other advantages. The users can now test the capabilities of eSIM (embedded SIM) in Uzbekistan. The service is exclusively provided by Mobiuz, which implements the most advanced international solutions for its subscribers. Since its inception, SIM cards have been constantly evolving and miniaturizing. However, many subscribers use several numbers at once, and the issue of the lack of SIM card slots in smartphones continues to be relevant. The solution to this situation was a virtual SIM card (eSIM) - a module built into a smartphone or tablet that allows you to connect many numbers without taking up any physical space on the device. What are the advantages of eSIM? eSIM cannot be removed, broken or lost, as it is embedded in a smartphone or tablet. It has no PIN or PUK codes that can be blocked. eSIM is protected by a smartphone lock and, if lost, the phone will not allow intruders to gain access to the subscriber's number. At the same time, it completely replaces the SIM card and supports all mobile services. Mobiuz is implementing eSIM in stages. At the first stage, the service is provided in test mode in all the company's own offices across the republic. To connect a new number or transfer an existing number to eSIM, subscribers or corporate clients just need to contact the company's office once. In offices, Mobiuz employees will help the users scan a special QR code and download a subscriber profile with settings to the device. Subscribers can connect up to 5 numbers using eSIM technology and easily switch between them to use mobile services. “Recently, we have seen an increase in the penetration of modern devices that support eSIM technology. Therefore, in our opinion, it has great development prospects in the domestic market of mobile services. And of course, we are honored to be the first mobile operator in Uzbekistan to start developing eSIM. In the future, Mobiuz will continue to demonstrate its commitment to the strategy of introducing the most modern, affordable, convenient digital solutions for its subscribers and customers,” said Sardor Tadzhiev, official public relations representative for Mobiuz. (ICE ALMATY)

Fonte notizia: UzDaily