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14 Luglio 2021



Stellantis N.V. CEO Carlos Tavares has said that by 2025 the company will invest EUR30bn to build at least five battery plants in Europe and the US and that by 2030 each of the 14 brands from the group’s portfolio will be able to offer electric vehicles. As reported earlier by the group, one plant will be built in France and Germany each, one in Tremoli in Italy and one in the US, however, the location of the fifth plant is yet to be determined. By 2030 more than 70 percent of cars sold in Europe by Stellantis will be electric, and in the US this figure will reach 40 percent. Moreover, the company argues that already in 2026 the total cost of having an electric car will become equal to that of having a car with an internal combustion engine. (ICE VARSAVIA)

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