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22 Luglio 2021

Bosnia Erzegovina


Another large infrastructure project in the Stari Grad municipality will soon begin, and it is about the reconstruction of the sewerage and water supply network in the part of Veliki Alifakovac Street and Alifakovac, Maguda and Megara streets. The project also includes the asphalting of these streets in the part where the communal infrastructure will be worked, and the estimated value of the works is 0,74 million Euro.   By the way, for years the focus of the Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo, led by the Mayor Ibrahim Hadžibajrić, MA, has been the fulfillment of all announced projects and the improvement of the quality of living conditions of citizens within this local community.        The start of work on this very important project is planned for mid-August, 2021, and for the residents of these streets, it will mean the end of problems with poor underground installations, water and sewage pipes and cracked asphalt.   "We announced this project at the Citizens' Assembly that we held in January this year in the local community of Babić Baška, and as I said then, this will be a big project that will require the patience of citizens until we finish everything. With these works and projects we have in previous years. done in Bistrik, Toki - Džeki, Širokača, Mahmutovac and Jarčedoli, the replacement of installations on the left bank of the Miljacka will be completed.", said Mayor Hadžibajrić. The Service for Investments and Communal Affairs said that this is a very demanding project. The total length of the rain canal to be done is 446 meters, and the fecal canal 488 meters.        On the route, 34 shafts are planned, about 130 connections (rain and fecal), and the appropriate number of gratings for receiving rain water from the road. As far as the water supply network is concerned, the current condition of the installations in the mentioned streets is very bad, and breakdowns occur very often.  "Almost the entire length of Alifakovac and Maguda streets currently has two pipelines, and now the designer (project bureau KJKP 'Vodovod i kananalizacija') has decided to build one DN 300 profile instead of these two pipelines. In addition, part of the DN 100 profile pipeline will be reconstructed.", explain the competent Service. The project also envisages the reconstruction of 65 house connections.   The realization of this project will improve the functionality, facilitate the exploitation and, most importantly, reduce water losses in this area.  In addition, after the implementation of the project of reconstruction of the existing communal infrastructure in the mentioned streets, it is planned to try to find the most optimal way to solve the problem of stationary traffic, as well as the traffic regime, in coordination with the relevant ministry in the field of transport. (ICE SARAJEVO)

Fonte notizia: ONASA.BA, 21/07/2021