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30 Luglio 2021



State electricity company PT PLN Persero has said it will increase investment directed at renewable-energy power plant construction in anticipation of a fivefold jump in Indonesia's electricity demand by 2060. “Electricity needs in 2060 will become 1,800 TWh (Terawatt-hour), with assumption of growth within 4.6 percent. It means there will be (a need to generate an additional) 1,500 TWh (of power) in 2060, or (up) fivefold from this year’s demand of 300 TWh,” said PT PLN's General Vice Director Darmawan Prasodjo, in a statement received here on Thursday.Hence, the state-owned power company is planning to raise the capacity of renewable-energy power plants to help bridge the anticipated gap between power demand and supply, he disclosed. PT PLN will ensure several old plants that are still operational are included in the biomass co-firing program, he said. It will also convert fossil fuel power stations into green energy power plants to reduce the utilization of high-emissions oil and coal, he added. Furthermore, the company will start to phase out the first generation of steam-electric power stations by 2030, Prasodjo said. Thus, all of the power stations will be replaced by renewable energy power plants by 2060, he added. (ICE GIACARTA)

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