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11 Agosto 2021



Tanzania capped an eight-month surge in exports to Uganda during June,replacing Kenya as Uganda’s biggest source of imports within the East AfricanCommunity (EAC), according to data from Bank of Uganda. Uganda’s imports from Tanzania have for the last three-months doubled,increasing by an average of 18 per cent, During June, Uganda imported goodsworth $125.12m (Shs444b) from Tanzania, indicating a 43 per cent surge from$70.07m in the same period last year, However, this was a reduction from$149.38m and $125.91m that had, according to Bank of Uganda, been recordedduring May and April, respectively.However, the report indicates a wide trade imbalance between the two countrieswith Uganda exporting goods worth $10.07m during June. Exports during Mayand April stood at $8.78m and $9.34m, respectively, During the three monthsfrom April to June, Uganda’s imports from Kenya stood at $83.25m, $71.78mand $66.85m, respectively, his put Tanzania ahead of Kenya as Uganda’s mainsource of imports within EACUganda imported goods worth $0.71m from South Sudan, a reduction from$0.96m and $0.79m in May and April, respectively.  According to data fromUganda Bureau of Statistics (Ubos), major imports from Tanzania include gold,rice, trailers and semi-trailers, rolled iron and non-alloy steel and dried andsalted fish as well as rice and wheat, Uganda is, however, concerned by theincreasing trade deficit that currently stands at $105.31m within EAC. Of this, Tanzania accounts for the largest share, standing at $138.2m. During the period, South Sudan and Kenya accounted for the largest exportdestinations in the region for Uganda’s exports, accounting for $51.5m and$48m, respectively.Uganda’s export receipts within EAC have grown by 73 per cent from $67.31m inMay last year to $116.56m, while imports have almost doubled, growing by 44 percent from $153.95m to $221.87m over the same period. (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

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