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3 Settembre 2021



Uganda’s foreign earnings from commodity exports in the internationalmarket fell in the month of June 2021 due to a decline in export receiptsfrom some commodities.The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development incomparison to the previous month said export receipts declined by 3.9 percent from $469.98 million (Shs1.661 trillion in May 2021 to $451.72 million(Shs1.597 trillion) in June 2021.This performance was attributed to lower export receipts of commoditieslike mineral products, tea, tobacco and maize, said the Ministry of Finance,Planning and Economic Development.Relatedly, this was mainly on account of an increase in the value of exportsof coffee, minerals, cotton, tea, tobacco, simsim, beans and flowers duringthe period.However, on the other hand, the Ministry of Finance, said Informal CrossBorder Trade (ICBT) exports increased to $40.5 million (Shs143.184billion) in June 2021, up from $38.8 million (Shs137.174 billion) in May2021.This was attributed to an increase in the value of exports of coffee,minerals, cotton, tea, tobacco, simsim, beans and flowers during thisperiod.On an annual basis, export receipts improved by 33.6 per cent from$338.06 million (Shs1.195 trillion) in June 2020 to $451.72 million(Shs1.597 trillion) in June 2021.The ICBT exports increased from $1.23 million (Shs4.348 billion) in June2020 to $ 40.49 million (Shs143.149 billion) in June 2021 largely due tohigher exports to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).In the past 4 months, Uganda’s exports to DRC have surged partly due toaccelerated efforts towards improving access to the DRC market.In June 2021, the Middle East was the leading destination for Uganda’sexports making up for 37.7 percent of total exports. (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

Fonte notizia: Daily Monitor