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6 Ottobre 2021



The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) has mapped the road for the horticulturesector to develop the sector’s strategy and policy. The strategy was embeddedto make the future bright for the sector and to increase the revenue that thecountry ought to deserve.On similar lines the Ethiopian Horticulture Producers Exporters Association(EHPEA) has launched an accredited TVET Training Institute.The horticulture sector has quickly risen to become the top hard currencyearning commodity in the country with less than a decade and half worth ofeffort. However, the sector does not have a policy. To this regard the MoA hasbeen engaged to come up with policy and strategy to boost the potential thatcountry has on the sector.Wondale Habtamu, State Minister of MoA, said that the roadmap which is a toppriority with regards to the strategy and policy has been concluded after severalmonths of preparation.“The draft roadmap has been concluded and now needs final validation andaccreditation and at the same time the strategy and policy are under processand we expected in the near future it will bear fruit,” he told Capital.He said that the road map has detail analysis including knowing andunderstanding every single crop in the country and every document has beenreviewed not only in the country but also internationally.He added that the Ministry had mainly been involved in the undertaking of theroadmap development while EHPEA and Ethiopian Agriculture CouncilSecretariat have played vital role.From the horticulture sector, the floriculture has a dominant role in terms ofearning, while the fruit and vegetable sector is showing growth.Regarding expanding the development of the fruit and vegetable sub sector, theroadmap has identified several ideal projects.“Final right up for nine vegetable and fruits crops project document has alreadybeen done. For instance, avocado has become a national project that willincrease the country’s production widely and others like banana, green peas,onion, tomato, potato, mango, and sugar snap have got specific projectinterventions,” the State Minister said.Tewodros Zewdie, Executive Director of EHPEA, said that the fruit and vegetablesector will have a bright future since the business environment like available:land, infrastructure and logistics boost suitability for investors thus the countryhas a huge opportunity to generate in billions of dollars.He said that the agriculture sector in general has major contributions to thecountry’s economy and it will have a good vision to solve problems that theassociation is working on for the past years. He said that the association hasplayed its part on the new policy development.“In general the agriculture policy that was ratified about two decades ago is nowrevised. We have also provided our input to expand the horticulture sector,which shall create huge labour and earnings,” he told Capital.He showed that the floriculture sector so far has developed only on 1,600hectare but it contributed significant jobs for non-skilled and skilled labour andforeign currency earnings, “If we can make it double, we shall reap more jobs,”he explained.He emphasized that the fruit and vegetable sector should get more attention soas to tap the potential.Capacity buildingOn the ceremony that was held on January 28 at Hilton Hotel EHPEA haslaunched its accredited Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET)Institution.Since 2007 the association has been providing trainings for members to enablethem to be certified on international standards that allow local horticultureactors to sell their products in big markets all over the world. (ICE ADDIS ABEBA)

Fonte notizia: Capital News