News dalla rete ITA

14 Ottobre 2021



While at the 2021 Indonesia Knowledge Forum (07/10), Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi spoke about stricter climate-related trade rules which several countries, especially the developed ones in Europe are planning to apply to imports. Goods originating from developing countries must have environmentally friendly standards. Pointing to the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), steel, cement, and other upstream industrial products would be subjected to tax adjustments when they enter Europe which he viewed as “the part that suppresses and hinders trade". Later, in a virtual press briefing today (08/10), Lutfi said that Indonesia would challenge CBAM at WTO if it is not in compliance with WTO rules.​ On the other hand, Lutfi also expressed awareness that the emphasis on the environment is a trade trend which if not addressed today, could present extraordinary challenges for Indonesian goods in the future. Therefore, the Ministry of Trade is preparing a new structure so that Indonesian exports can be more environmentally friendly. The government has also begun to review the voluntary carbon market program. (Detikfinance, CNBC Indonesia) (ICE GIACARTA)

Fonte notizia: EEAS-JAKARTA Trade and Economic Weekly - 08/10/2021