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20 Ottobre 2021



Alaa El-Din Muezzin, a member of the Executive Office in charge of the Aleppo Provincial Council, said in a statement to news reporter that the establishment of these markets enhances the state of economic growth represented by the industrial and commercial reality and the national product, and represents the wide presence of various production companies for the food, clothing and detergent industries of high quality, reduced prices and competition in the local market to meet the needs of the local market. He pointed out that these events are clear evidence of the recovery of the productive industrial sector and the restoration of Aleppo to its economic role and its civilized brilliance.  Amer Hamwi, head of the Aleppo Chamber of Commerce, referred to the efforts of Aleppo merchants, in cooperation with economic activities, to reactivate the Silk Road market by organizing festivals and offering local industrial products at reduced prices and competition from producer to consumer. This will reflect positively on large segments of citizens and support their purchasing power. He called on all commercial activities in Aleppo to reopen their shops in the market, which number more than 225 shops, and added that free transportation from the city center has been allocated to transport citizens to the market site. (ICE BEIRUT)

Fonte notizia: The Syria Times