News dalla rete ITA

21 Ottobre 2021



The implementation of the packaging deposit system is moving along. Entrepreneurs are signing contracts but are also concerned about the initial stages of the system when shops will have deposit-labeled and unlabeled packaging at the same time, Latvian Radio reported October 10. Contracts with more than 250 companies have been signed for the management of the deposit packaging, representing approximately 80% of the total amount of packaging to be deposited in Latvia. Miks Stūrītis, Chair of the Board of the packaging management company, Depozīta iepakojuma operators, said that the first packages have also been registered in the system. The deposit system will be operational as of February 2022, but the managers are calling on beverage producers and importers not to delay the conclusion of contracts, since the registration of packaging and the necessary design changes may take time. “We expect more than 5,000 different packages to be registered in Latvia in total. This means that packers must prepare labels with a deposit mark and adjust the barcode. In most cases, barcode codes are small, but the deposit system requires the code to comply with the industrial standard,” said Stūrītis. The transitional period will last until August next year. After August 1, however, drinks without the deposit labels will not be allowed to be sold. During the transitional period, customers will have to look for the deposit marks on the packaging. The first 100 reverse vending machines have already been installed in individual shops and a total of around 800 of them are scheduled to be installed, as well as manual deposit points. (ICE STOCCOLMA)

Fonte notizia: Latvijas sabiedriskais medijs (LSM) 11.10.21