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27 Ottobre 2021



With major public infrastructure activity set to double over the next three years, a new Infrastructure Australia report warns of potential shortages in skills, labour and materials. Infrastructure Australia’s first Infrastructure Market Capacity Report forecasts a surge in demand for resources due to the rapid increase in public infrastructure investment. The report responds to a request from the Council of Australian Governments in March 2020 for Infrastructure Australia to regularly report on the capacity of the market to deliver on the record investment pipeline. Its findings underscore the need for Australia’s governments and industry to work collaboratively to advance sector-wide reform and reduce the risk of cost escalation and delays in the delivery of major infrastructure projects. Infrastructure Australia Chief Executive, Romilly Madew: “Major public infrastructure activity will approximately double over the next three years, peaking at $52 billion in 2023. This record investment creates new opportunities for local business and employment, however also risks constraints in the capacity of the market to meet this growth in investment. In mid-2023 the employment in the infrastructure sector will need to grow from 183,000 people today to more than 288,000. Key findings include: A forecast average annual growth rate of 33 per cent as industry reports reduced confidence in their capacity to deliver on-time and on-budget. Industry indicates a high confidence of delivering 10-15 per cent annual growth, but a low confidence in delivering growth over 18 per cent; Demand for plant, labour, equipment, and materials will be two-thirds higher than the previous five years. Over the next three years it is expected there will be: 120 per cent average growth in demand for materials; 125 per cent growth in demand for equipment; 140 per cent growth in demand for plant. The peak of demand for skills is 48 per cent higher than supply. Meeting this demand would require annual growth of 25 per cent over the next two years, which is more than eight times higher than the projected annual growth rate of 3.3 per cent. 34 of the 50 public infrastructure occupations identified are potentially in shortage. The inaugural report is focused on major public infrastructure pipeline (transport, utilities and building infrastructure), for investments over $50 million for Tasmania, Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory and over $100 million for all other states. (ICE SYDNEY)

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