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28 Ottobre 2021

Nuova Zelanda


The New Zealand Government is in "ongoing discussions" to come up with a new nationally determined contribution before the COP26 talks in Glasgow next month. This means it has to decide pretty quickly what percentage reduction in carbon emissions it will promise that New Zealand will make by 2030, to do its share in reducing the global threat of climate change. Climate Minster James Shaw told a Herald reporter that "even if our existing nationally determined contribution was to remain the same [as pledged at the Paris agreement in 2015], we would not be able to shift the economy by enough over the next 10 years to be able to achieve it". He blames this on New Zealand's 30 years previous inaction on climate. Gross emissions were the figure used for the start date in 2005, whereas net emissions were the figure used for the end date in 2030. The net emissions are the gross emissions, minus the credits we get for planting forests, which suck carbon from the atmosphere; so gross emissions tend to be significantly bigger than net emissions. Other countries including the UK and many EU nations have significantly reduced their emissions during recent years, while New Zealand's emissions have, as pledged, significantly increased. According to internationally eminent climate scientists, it is no longer possible to avoid global warming over 1.5 degrees.   (ICE SYDNEY)

Fonte notizia: NZ Herald 28/10/2021