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28 Ottobre 2021



DHL Express on Thursday opened its new and expanded express handling airside facility within the Bangalore International Airport with an investment of EUR 22 million (about Rs 200 crore) over the next 10 years.Spread over in 1,12,000 sq ft of space, and four times larger than the previous one, the facility can handle over 90,000 tonnes of shipment per year when operating at full capacity, the company said.The additional capacity at the expanded Bengaluru Gateway enables DHL Express to offer 12 to 24 hours faster connection and delivery of imported goods across India, and reduce daily cut-off time for shipment pick-up by up to 60 minutes, it said.Using 11 DHL-operated intercontinental freighters, 30 international commercial airlines and 70 domestic flights on a weekly basis, the Bengaluru Gateway at present connects both South and West India to over 220 countries and territories through DHL's unrivalled global network.The Gateway's primary export trade lanes are North America and Europe while Asia Pacific and Europe are the key import trade lanes for Bengaluru.“As one of the world's fastest growing economies, India remains a critical node of the global DHL network. The Bengaluru Gateway is part of our EUR 750 million investment to bolster our infrastructure in Asia Pacific and enhance connectivity for countries and businesses," said Ken Lee, CEO, DHL Express Asia Pacific.With strong international imports and exports driving the increasing cargo volume in Bengaluru, the new facility supports Bengaluru's strategy to provide capacity of one million tons at its airport in the next few years, he said.An additional six dedicated intercontinental freighters will join the current fleet by November 2021, bringing the total number of aircraft operating through Bengaluru to 17, DHL Express said.The expanded Gateway will provide greater capacity to support industries such as electronics, automotive, life sciences and medical, and fashion in Bengaluru, it said.Coupled with the enhanced infrastructure and additional dedicated DHL flights, these trade lanes will greatly benefit from the increased capacity and speed, according to the company.Ten years ago, DHL landed its first freighter in Bengaluru and opened its Gateway at the Kempegowda International Airport. Since then, it has seen the international volumes multiply significantly, said RS Subramanian, SVP and Managing Director, DHL Express India"Our EUR 22 million investment commitment is testament to the growth potential we see in this market. To maintain our market-leading position, we will continually invest ahead of the curve in our infrastructure, technology and people to support the country's economic growth and help Indian exporters and importers expand their business," he said.Read more at: (ICE MUMBAI)

Fonte notizia: The Economic Times