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24 Novembre 2021



Kazakh parliament adopted law on government budget for 2022-2024The Majilis, the lower chamber of the Kazakh parliament, agreed on Wednesday with the amendments made by the Senate, the upper chamber, to the Draft Law on the Government Budget for 2022-2024, an Interfax-Kazakhstan reporter said.The senators made 107 amendments to the document, said Anatoly Boichin, a member of the Majilis.“After redistribution of the government’s reserves, the budgeted expenditures were increased by 64.5 billion tenge for 2022, by 15.1 billion tenge for 2023 and by 6.4 billion tenge for 2024,” Boichin said.Minister of National Economy Aset Irgaliyev said earlier that the budget for 2022-2024 has a benchmark oil price of $60 per barrel. Oil production is projected to increase from 87.9 million tonnes in 2022 to 107.4 million tonnes in 2026.The budget is based on the GDP growth forecast of 3.9% in 2022 with the economic growth expanding to 5.2% in 2026. Nominal GDP in 2022 will amount to 87.1 trillion tenge with an increase to 119.9 trillion tenge by 2026.The government budget revenue is projected at 9.2 trillion tenge in 2022, 9.7 trillion tenge in 2023, 10.4 trillion tenge in 2024.The budget deficit is projected at 3.3% of GDP in 2022, 2.8% in 2023 and 2.5% in 2024.The total amount of spending is to be 15.9 trillion tenge in 2022, 15.6 trillion tenge in 2023, 16 trillion tenge in 2024.The inflation target band is set within 4%-6% for 2022, 4%-5% in 2023-2024, and 3%-4% in 2025-2026. (ICE ALMATY)

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