News dalla rete ITA

24 Novembre 2021



By 2028 IKEA will have fully phased out its use of plastic packaging, the furniture giant writes in a press release, noting that "the goal is to reduce plastic waste and pollution while IKEA is involved in driving the transition to packaging made from renewable and recycled materials." According to DN Ekonomi, the phasing out will take place in several stages, and will initially include all new products, with the long-term goal being to phase out packaging made out of fossil raw materials across IKEA’s entire product-range. “It can be anything from the small bag with screws in the flat furniture package to the simple plastic sheet used as protection. About ten percent of the packaging material we use consists of different types of plastic […] This is no small change, and we hope to push the entire packaging industry,” explained Maja Kjellberg, Packaging Development Leader at IKEA Sweden. (ICE STOCCOLMA)

Fonte notizia: DN / IKEA press release 23.11.21