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25 Novembre 2021



The actual pay drawn by long-haul truckers who are regularly posted from Bulgaria to other EU Member States is significantly lower than the minimum wage in the country of destination, the Podkrepa Confederation of Labour found in a national survey conducted under the Posting In Transport (PIT) Project, the trade union confederation said in a press release.Quite often, drivers employed in transnational transport in Bulgaria are not considered posted and, therefore, cannot claim their rights under the Posted Workers Directive and cannot benefit from the minimum protection rules laid down in that Directive, Podkrepa commented.Even after the adoption of the EU Mobility Package, truck fleet owners routinely force drivers to sign contracts with their company as sole traders. In this way, the rules imposed by the Directive are circumvented without nominally violating the law. The problem with this new pattern of work is that employees are falsely classified as self-employed and face a high level of insecurity, the TU experts note.Bulgarian drivers are victims of social dumping. They prefer to be cheap labour in the richer countries of Western Europe than to work for a paltry pay in Bulgaria, the survey concluded. (ICE SOFIA)

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