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25 Novembre 2021



The Indian media reported that India is in talks with the EU, Australia, Japan and Switzerland over its proposal for a temporary waiver of intellectual property rights (IPR) on Covid-19 vaccines, testing equipment and treatments. These nations have opposed the proposal, stating that there is sufficient flexibility in the existing Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement to pursue compulsory licensing of vaccines and treatments and technology. Reports in fact suggest that India is hopeful that the WTO will accept at least a part of its proposal. India is set to push for the acceptance of the proposal at the 12th ministerial conference of the WTO, scheduled for November 30-December 3. Media reports also reiterated that India will pitch for finding a permanent solution to the issue of public stock holding for food security purposes in the forthcoming meeting. (ICE NEW DELHI)

Fonte notizia: WTO Report