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25 Novembre 2021



Every year in autumn The Deloitte reports an analysis of the 15 biggest construction works companies in terms of revenues generated in the previous year on the Polish market. In 2020 The revenues of the 15 leaders of the sector in Poland market reached almost EUR 7.5 billion (miliardi), +4.3% when compared to 2019. For the fifth year in a row, the first in the ranking is Budimex Group with revenues of EUR 1.9 billion (+10% more than in 2019). The Strabag Group came second with the results of EUR 1.2 billion (+12.6%). The PORR Group remained number three, with revenues of EUR 0,6 billion(+11.1%).  The Budimex Group and the Strabag Group are companies that in 2020 achieved the highest increase in revenues in terms of value – EUR 182 million and EUR 130 million, respectively, which confirmed their strong leadership on the market. On the following positions: Erbud Group (EUR 0,5 billion) and Unibep (EUR 0,4 billion).  The revenues of the 15 market leaders increased (2020 to 2019) by more than 4%.  The whole Polish construction and assembly works market was worth in 2020 almost EUR 51 billion, 2,8% more than in 2019.  The increase in production was mainly influenced by the high demand for construction services, mainly in the infrastructure sector, which was caused, among others, by subsidies from EU funds and government programs for the construction of roads and railways.  The expectations regarding 2021 are, however, less optimistic.   (ICE VARSAVIA)

Fonte notizia: The Deloitte Report (yearly, 9th edition)