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27 Novembre 2021



BTA correspondent Nikolay Jeliazkov Brussels Bulgaria has been allocated 139,651,309 euro of REACT-EU resources for the year 2022, according to data released by the European Commission on Wednesday. Around 11 billion euro are now available for programming in all Member States implementing recovery measures by increasing resilience of healthcare, business and support to the most vulnerable groups, while also contributing to the green and digital priorities for a smart, sustainable and cohesive recovery. The REACT-EU resources are released in two tranches in order to capture thoroughly the evolving social and economic impact of the pandemic. Allocations are based on the countries' GDP, unemployment and youth unemployment. In Bulgaria, staff working at the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic received a wage top-up, and older people and persons with disabilities are receiving health and social services at home, the Commission notes. REACT-EU is part of NextGenerationEU and provides 50.6 billion euro of additional funding to cohesion policy programmes for the years 2021 and 2022, to be used by the end of 2023. The goal of REACT-EU is to support economic and social recovery from the coronavirus crisis by fostering crisis repair and resilience of healthcare, business and support to the most vulnerable groups. The funds also contribute to the green and digital priorities for a smart and sustainable recovery. Around 40 billion euro are available under REACT-EU for 2021, of which 92 per cent have already been allocated to investment programmes. The funds have been mainly used to bridge the gap between emergency measures taken at the beginning of the crisis and long-term crisis repair, the EC explaine (ICE SOFIA)

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