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28 Novembre 2021



An increase in fertilizer prices has affected wheat production in the Kurdistan Region, farmers told Rudaw. This comes a month after the government announced the removal of customs fees on importing the product. “We planted two tons of wheat. I’ve bought a ton for 700,000 [IQD] ... If it continues like this, it will bring an end to farming. They [the government] don’t keep any promises [...] Farmers planted 200 dunams before, now they can’t even deal with 50 dunams,” Khalis Mohammed, a farmer in Soran, told Rudaw. Kawa Muhammad, a farmer told Rudaw last month that fertilizer used to cost 17,000 IQDs in January per sack, which is 50 kilograms. It then increased to 25,000 in April and is now 40,000 IQDs.  “If it stays like this, not even 30 out of 100 farmers will plant wheat, because the costs are high. Everything costs a lot – agricultural products will run out,” Najat Mahmoud, another farmer said. “Two companies are allowed to bring fertilizers into the Kurdistan Region. They might put whatever price they want on it, because no one else is allowed to bring it in,” farmer Kaka Sida Hamad said. “The government doesn’t follow up with these companies I don’t know why, and farmers have to pay the large price.” The Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources on October 12 issued a statement saying they will “pardon customs fees on importing chemical fertilizers, pesticides and seeds to reduce the costs of planting grain, especially wheat and barley.”  (ICE AMMAN)

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