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1 Dicembre 2021



The Australian Space Agency is set to boost its sovereign Earth Observation capabilities in the next decade, reducing its reliance on other nations’ satellite data. On Monday, the agency released its Earth Observation from Space roadmap, the second in a series of seven roadmaps to support its growth over the next 10 years. Using satellites to monitor changes on Earth is critical to being prepared for land changes and weather events – such as the 2019-20 bushfires, which was a key accelerator of this project. Insights from EO are also largely beneficial to the agriculture industry by assisting in managing land changes and crop growth. Unlike many developed nations, Australia does not operate its own home-bred built EO satellite, but it relies upon other nations for its services. While denial of supply from other nations is unlikely, there is still a chance Australia’s free data use could be interrupted, which is why the ASA intends to fulfil that gap. The roadmap includes five focus segments, such as building Australian EO missions and payloads, data quality assurance and integrity monitoring, enhanced data management, international EO partnerships and leadership and access to international data and missions. (ICE SYDNEY)

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