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3 Dicembre 2021



China's Vice Premier Hu Chunhua said the government will continue to actively respond to the concerns of foreign enterprises and create a market-oriented, regulated and international business environment to support foreign companies to better invest and start operations in China.In a symposium with foreign companies on Thursday, Hu said that enterprises from overseas actively responded to the challenge of the epidemic, their production and operations in China remained stable, and their investment in the country was further expanded with new developments achieved under the epidemic, Xinhua News Agency reported.Representatives of more than 20 foreign enterprises from the US, the EU, Japan and other countries and regions attended the meeting.While ensuring pandemic prevention, the Chinese government will further optimize the "fast passage" for personnel, promote the smooth flow of international goods, help foreign enterprises to stabilize the supply chain and provide epidemic prevention services, according to Hu.Moreover, it is also necessary to strengthen services and optimize their oversight and approval, increase reliability of production factors such as land, electricity and labor, further relax foreign capital market access and support the implementation of foreign-funded projects, the Vice Premier said.China's overall planning of epidemic prevention and control has promoted a stable economic recovery and companies in China have been able to tailgate on the strong development that lies ahead. "We are confident that we will achieve better economic development while doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic," Hu said. (ICE SHANGHAI)

Fonte notizia: Global Times