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17 Gennaio 2022



A completely new Spatial Development Act is to be drafted following analyses within the current [government] term, said here on Saturday the Chair of the Parliamentary Regional Policy, Public Works and Local Self-government Committee, Nastimir Ananiev. Prompt changes concerning urgent items in the legislation have been included in the coalition agreement. Reception offices will be opened in all regional cities, where citizens can bring up specific legal cases and point out any shortcomings, Ananiev said after the first such meeting was held here. He said that his Committee has been alerted about "local feudal models", where the mayor, the chief architect and the municipal council chair are working in coordination and circumvent the law. Another example he gave is illegal construction, of which the local authorities are aware but do nothing. The upcoming legislative changes aim to reduce the red tape and the burden on businesses, he said. According to Ananiev, small specific steps must be taken towards de-centralization. Currently there are many municipalities across this country, whose population is registered as residing there, but actually lives elsewhere. The number of residents is a key factor when applying for EU funding. Improving people's quality of life would be only possible given there is a well-thought out regional policy, the Continue the Change MP commented. He added that the final data from last year's census will give a clearer picture. New zoning may be introduced by merging municipalities or regions, but this will happen after detailed analyses are made, Ananiev said. (ICE SOFIA)

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