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20 Gennaio 2022



Food production and consumption is responsible for up to 30 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, which are directly related to climate change. It is necessary for people to "find their own recipe to fight climate change," project manager Blazhka Dimitrova said during a roundtable on the project "Food Wave - Empowering Urban Youth for Climate Action" here on Monday. The project aims to raise awareness of sustainable approaches to consuming and producing food in cities in support of climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts, and to have an influential voice in institutional decisions, achieving a fair and sustainable global food system by 2030. Food Wave is co-funded by the EU and promoted by the Municipality of Milan together with 29 partners across 17 countries. The Food Wave consortium involves 16 cities and municipal agencies plus 13 civil society organizations closely linked with the cities. C40, the international network of cities engaged in the fight against climate change, is also affiliated to the project. The project's main activities include a digital campaign on social media, event organizing - roundatbles, seminars, workshops, a film festival, and creating a small grant scheme for the implementation of ideas between NGOs and local authorities. Dimitrova said that there will be a competition of ideas for outdoor events - street events, art installations, flash mobs, all kinds of outdoor events that can reach more people. After a jury evaluation, four of these ideas will be ranked and their implementation will be supported. The project' term is at the end of 2023 (ICE SOFIA)

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