News dalla rete ITA

21 Gennaio 2022



The Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) is trying to attract more investors to its four industrial estates by waiving or reducing their expenses, as part of efforts to stimulate domestic investments and drive steady growth this year. Local and foreign entrepreneurs who plan to invest in the four estates will see some service fees waived, including the exemption of land rents and infrastructure maintenance fees for 1-3 years, Veeris Ammarapala, IEAT governor said. The four properties comprise the Southern Region Industrial Estate and Songkhla Industrial Estate, both located in the southern province of Songkhla, as well as the Sa Kaeo Industrial Estate in the East and the Phichit Industrial Estate in the lower northern region of Thailand. The IEAT governor said that they want to promote investments in these industrial estates because of their potential for further development, and the IEAT wants to help prospective investors reduce their financial burdens, notably investment costs. He said the authority also offers special prices for investors who want to buy land in the Southern Region Industrial Estate -- discounts of 15-20%. The Southern Region Industrial Estate has been in the spotlight since the IEAT announced late last year it would conduct a joint study on a gas and renewable fuel-fired power generation facility in Songkhla to relieve concerns over insufficient electricity among factories in the South. The study, scheduled to be completed in 2023, focuses on power supply for this industrial estate. (ICE BANGKOK)

Fonte notizia: Bangkok Post