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23 Marzo 2022



While in Brussels on 18 March where he attended the meeting of the environment ministers of the European union (EU) Member States, Economy and Sustainable Development Minister Tomislav Coric commented for Croatian reporters on the announcement by the national oil company INA, that it has started producing natural gas from a new well located in the northern Adriatic, and Coric said that Croatia could by 2024 increase its current production of natural gas by more than 20%, but it does not have the ambition to pursue a more significant hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation program, Croatian media report.Coric also confirmed that the gas exploitation now brings more to Croatia after the amendments to the law on exploration and exploitation, and now it owns an average of about 50% of the quantities obtained, compared to 10% in previous years.Meanwhile, the daily Vecernji list in its analysis writes that, while the gas crisis is shaking Europe, domestic production of this energy source is increasing in Croatia, and the daily cites the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency (AZU) according to which 0.78 billion cubic meters of gas were produced in Croatian gas fields last year, which satisfies about 30% of domestic gas needs, which amounts to about 2.7 billion cubic meters. With the new annual production, which starts this year, of 285 million cubic meters of gas, total domestic production will exceed 1 billion cubic meters and will amount to 40% of domestic needs. The AZU also noted that new hydrocarbon production in Croatia will take place in the Pannonian Basin in some of the areas explored by INA, Vermilion Zagreb Exploration and ASPECT Croatia Kft according to the agreements on research and division of hydrocarbon production in 2016. Regarding gas reserves in Croatia, the AZU says that this topic is closely related to exploration, but also to production. “Production comes only after the determination of commercially viable quantities,” AZU commented. (ICE ZAGABRIA)

Fonte notizia: JUTARNJI LIST and Vecernji list online edition 18/3/2022